Dr. Afsaneh Doryab, Instructor


Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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about c4g

Computing for Good (C4G) presents Computer Science as a technological platform for improving the quality of life and humans condition. It allows students to apply computing to social and global causes and to see its impact in real terms.


In this course, students work on projects in partnership with communities, non-profits, and government agencies and learn how to design, develop, and deploy technical solutions for real world problems. Examples of topics include but not limited to health, economic development, disaster relief, transportation, infrastructure, education, energy, social service, civic engagement, and public safety.

The course lectures will be designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in their projects. The topics covered for fall 2017 included:

  • Ubiquitous and Mobile computing

  • Machine learning

  • Data analytics

  • Visualization

  • Stakeholder-centered design and prototyping

  • Sustainable application development

  • Networking and communication

  • Crowdsourcing

  • User studies

  • Project management and teamwork


We invite students from all disciplines to take this exciting course. There are no prerequisites for the course, but basic programming skills are preferred.

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